itecknologi offers state-of-the-art remote video surveillance & recording system with technology and features that are unmatchable.

Remote Video Surveillance

The great potential risk is existed during the transportation of dangerous goods, such as theft, fire disaster, explosion, leakage, poisoning, pollution, etc. In addition, the illegal behaviours of overspeed, overload, fatigue driving are appeared during the driving process. itecknologi offers complete and all-in-one live remote video surveillance & recording system.

The system helps to:

  • Correct the rude behavior of driving;
  • Get real time information of vehicle;
  • Provide online Surveillance of your Cargo ;
  • Provide quick response to reduce damage and help people;
  • Save the effective evidence for investigation;

itecknologi black box system can be buried into the ground for the ultimate surveillance setup. Cameras can be attached to the recording box.

One very unique feature itecknologi system is that it can be triggered by wireless motion sensors or by camera pixel motion detection. Both of these triggering modes have their advantages and specific applications depending on how the system is deployed.

Sound can also be recorded with itecknologi unit which is a very important feature also offering GPS + wifi.