iTecknologi iL7 is an ideal solution for Motorcycle Tracking, Car Rental and best fleet management in Pakistan for small and medium enterprises.

iL7 Vehicle/ iT5i GSM & Satellite

iL7 is an economical fleet tracking unit realizing real-time track and trace with easy installation. Featuring IP66 waterproof casing, internal antenna, I/O connectivity, driving behavior event management, and user-defined reports, iL7 is an ideal solution for Motorcycle Tracking, Fleet Management, Car Rental, and Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises.

  • Wide operating voltage range from 6V to 30V, Flexible wireless network options
  • 3-wire easy installation, Ultra low current consumption in deep sleep mode
  • Data communication by SMS/TCP/UDP, High GPS sensitivity
  • Built-in G-sensor for motion detection, FOTA firmware upgrade using FTP
  • Configurable Real Time Tracking & Logging, 32 user defined geofences
  • Roaming preference settings, Harsh driving behavior events
  • Configurable power management, Over speeding detection
  • IP 66 waterproof casing, Intelligent event control engine
  • Buffered event message of 18,000 positions(equals to 140-day logging data with interval of 1minute)

The itecknologi iT5i is a versatile multifunctional tracking device, providing you with the most reliable up to date tracing information of your vehicle’s current position or movement status via GSM/Satellite network (exclusively available with itecknologi only) Furthermore, vehicle tracking can also be combined with a variety of customized events based on your needs. In addition, iTi5 supports two way voice communication and wire tap

  • AES-128 data encryption
  • Data communication via SMS/USSD/GPRS(TCP/UDP) SATELLITE
  • GPS antenna tamper detection & report
  • Built-in 3-axis G-sensor, Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) supported
  • Firmware over the air (FOTA) upgrade via the FTP protocol.
  • Configurable Real Time Tracking & Logging • 64 user defined geo-fences in circular, rectangular and polygonal shapes
  • Roaming preference settings ,Harsh driving behavior events
  • Configurable power management, Max. 140,000 log and 21,000 queue messages