“When we look to the future, we see a new world where a fusion of technologies is blurring the lines between the physical, digital spheres.”

Salman Hussain
Group CEO

Message from the CEO

Running a technology company is not just about creating Business; it’s about building a socially-committed team for creating useful solutions to enhance wellness of humanity.

At itecknologi, I believe that tomorrow’s successful companies will be Built to Change, operating within a new paradigm in which IoT, M2M, AI, intelligent Software is central to everything they do. Against a backdrop of constant disruption, a business that’s Built to Change will continue to conforms with the new reality—a reality where a company’s brand is defined by experiences and customer satisfaction.

Built to Change companies embrace the concept of business agility, meaning the ability to automatically sense, react and adapt swiftly to shifting market dynamics. Focusing on agility enables them to drive rapid, continuous improvement in customer experience to remain relevant in a marketplace characterized not only by fierce competition, but also by environmental and social challenges.

itecknologi strives at investing and strengthening technology through which we have become leaders and innovators providing solutions that connect businesses to their assets to deliver increased visibility and operational efficiency.

We believe we are well poised to achieve this with our financially stable platform and dynamic, experienced team. We’re on the same path as our customers, harnessing technology to produce the best results in strategic business developments, a catalyst that drives sustainability in every part of a company. We are witnessing birth of new ideas and solutions everyday, such innovation and technology have changed how we live, work and communicate and will continue to do so. We will play our role in such technology driven innovation as “we make IT happen”.