iTecknologi can "Green" your fleet by reducing idle time and enable you to make sound business decisions based on real data.

iTecknologi – The best tracking company in Pakistan

When living in an era of digitalization, as a business owner it is imperative to keep up with all the new technology to keep your business afloat. Whether it’s keeping track of your vehicle or assets, or even if you want to keep a check on your driver’s behavior, D.O.T. will change the game for you.

Having a hard time finding a reliable tracking service for your vehicle? Well, search no more! Itecknologi is the best tracking company in Pakistan that provides you with the fleet management system, vehicle/satellite tracking, D.O.T., logistics and G.I.S., and Mapping. We aim to offer effective tracking solutions for the small or medium-sized enterprises.


Being an owner of the company, you need to stay on top of things all the time. The financial stability of your business lies upon the fact that you keep track of your assets and ensure that they are not being tampered with. As the best tracking company in Pakistan, we strive to provide our customers with top-notch tracking services as well as fleet management and logistics. Boost up the operational capacity of your workforce by keeping the record of your vehicles via vehicle tracking feature. Equipped with the real-time tracking feature (that gets updated every 4-5 seconds), itecknology is truly revolutionizing the dynamics of vehicle tracking in Pakistan.

Asset Tracking

Ensuring the safety of your assets is the most critical thing in an organization. You have to be vigilant all the time, which isn't humanly possible until you avail asset tracking services. As the best tracking company in Pakistan, we offer asset tracking services that let you track your valuables within an organization by using G.P.S. trackers. That way, you will be informed about their location as well as the state. The asset tracking services enable you to keep a check on your valuable goods so that they are not being tampered with. Companies that frequently transport their valuable goods can significantly benefit from the asset tracking.

Benefits of asset tracking
  • Ensures on-time returns of your valuable assets
  • Let’s you keep check on your assets
  • Adds and extra safety layer to your assets
  • Reduce chances of unapproved use of assets
  • Lowers the risk of asset theft
  • Makes Resource allocation effective
  • guarantees on-time return of your valuable assets

As the best vehicle tracking company In Pakistan, itecknologi will ensure the optimal safety of your assets, giving you peace of mind. The location data is available 24/7 via the web so you can keep an eye on the movement of your valuable without any hiccups.

Oil and gas tracking system

The need for tracking mechanisms in the energy sector and especially the oil and gas sector cannot be ignored. We know maintaining an energy enterprise is not an easy feat. The operational costs, along with repairs and cost of labor, adds up to a whopping amount.

A poorly management drill site can be disastrous, and you certainly cannot afford that. As the best vehicle tracking company in Pakistan, itecknologi offers the most effective solutions to oil and gas companies. You can track anything within the organization with our powerful trackers such as tanks, fleet vehicles, drums, and other miscellaneous types of machinery.

Itecknologi helps energy sector by:
  • Providing most effective tracking solutions to oil and gas enterprises
  • Observing and tracking equipment on remote drilling site
  • Monitoring data and status to manage the site efficiently
  • Enabling you to open and close valves from remote control center
  • Installing Powerful tank trackers that enables you to avoid costly leaks by closely monitoring the fluid level
  • Enhancing operational performance while slashing down the labor cost

Auto Leasing

Working in the field as the best vehicle tracking company in Pakistan, itecknologi strives hard to provide its client with optimal services that are low cost as well as effective. We provide services to banks and insurance companies that lease out vehicles to people and need to keep track of it during the lease period.

We understand how crucial it is for banks and companies to ensure the safety of their leased vehicles. Itecknologi came up with a unique, low-cost plan to help our clients track their vehicles easily. Not only can we follow the vehicle but also safely immobilize it if necessary. You can easily access the real-time data transmitted by the system via secure web and mobile apps. You can then conveniently have access to live maps, data, and immobilizer.

In the event of theft or even if a vehicle needs to be recovered, we are here to assist you. We provide nationwide tracking services in Pakistan, so no matter where your car is, we are always ready to help you.

Companies that give out loans to their customers for vehicles can also take benefit from our inexpensive yet effective vehicle tracking services. If the customer fails to return the investment, you can activate an alarm sound in the vehicle that will act as a reminder. If nothing works, you have the power to immobilize and recover the vehicle, thus reducing the financial risk to your company. As the best tracking company in Pakistan, itecknologi is proud to have worked with all the major banks and insurance companies in Pakistan. We thank our customers for their support and trust in us.

The team has diverse experience of serving leasing/ijarah customers nationwide and has proved to be the most efficient & services-oriented unit in the past 10 years.

The unique requirements in Leasing/ijarah, such as repossession, 24/7 call center access, nationwide recovery services, installation of tracker coverage throughout Pakistan, key account manager's appointment for sizable portfolios, are all fully addressed under itecknologi’s banner.

Remote Video Surveillance

Companies that deal with constant movements of their vehicles and goods very well know the potential risk and dangers it entails. Theft, fire, leakage, accidents, mishandling, over speeding, overloading are some of the main concerns.

Thankfully, by incorporating itecknologi's remote video surveillance services, you can take control of the safety of your valuable goods and provide exceptional services to your clients.

By using our all in one video surveillance system, you will be able to police your staff and goods remotely.

First off, video surveillance will let you observe the driver's behavior, which can reduce the potential accidents and vehicle damage. Moreover, you can get information about your vehicle in real-time with a refresh speed of 4-7 seconds. That way, you can schedule vehicle timings in a better way and know beforehand if there is any delay.

The video surveillance system provides you online surveillance of your cargo, thus giving you the ease of mind. Even if there is any mishap or disaster, you can respond timely, consequently reducing the damage both financially and physically.

Apart from that, you will have documented footage to investigate the matter in case of any disaster.

The itecknologi all in one video surveillance system features wireless motion sensors and camera pixel motion detection. By deploying these systems, itecknologi ensures the ultimate security and protection of your assets and vehicles.