iTecknologi’s auto-leasing solutions are inexpensive yet innovative that assist banks and insurance companies in keeping track of their leased vehicles. Our team has diverse experience of providing best tracking services to leasing/ijarah customers nationwide and have proved to be the most efficient & services-oriented unit in the past 10 years.

Auto Leasing

For Banks and Insurance Companies, itecknologi provides an special low cost solution for keeping track of your vehicles leased to individual and corporate clients.During repossessoin activity, we can track vehicles in real time and can safely immobilize if necessary.

The system uses cellular devices to communicate with your vehicles. You can monitor vehicles via secure web and mobile apps, with access to live maps, data, and immobilizer.

If a vehicle is snatched / theft or needs to be repossessed, we provide speedy and nationwide assistance recovering vehicles.

For businesses that offer Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) loans to their customers, our systems reduces your financial risk and encourages customers to keep their account in good standing. In the event of non-payment you are able to initiate a warning sound in the car each to alert them that a payment is overdue. If this is repeatedly ignored you then have the power to disable the vehicle or, if necessary, easily locate it for recovery.

itecknologi and its team enjoyed working with all major banks and insurance companies of Pakistan.

The team has diverse experience of serving leasing/ijarah customers nationwide and have proved to be most efficient & services oriented unit in past 10 years.

The unique requirements in Leasing/ijarah such as repossession, 24/7 call centre access, nationwide recovery services, installation of tracker coverage throughout Pakistan, key account manager’s appointment for sizable portfolios are all fully addressed under itecknologi banner.