itecknologi’s asset tracking system features cutting-edge technology that can locate you assets on pre-programmed schedule. You can access the information online at any time. Itecknologi’s best tracking services offers you better theft while enabling speedy recovery.

Asset Tracking Solutions

  • WHY itecknologi systems?
  • Vehicles and equipment deployed to remote areas, out of cellular coverage
  • Assets you have limited or infrequent access to
  • Equipment that cannot power a tracking device (e.g. container)
  • Example assets
    • Generators
    • Construction and heavy equipment
    • Containers and trailers - Boats

itecknologi systems will locate your assets on a pre-programmed schedule and keep the information accessible on-line 24/7, resulting in better protection from theft and enabling speedy recovery. The data captured by our system will also provide you with clear evidence of where your equipment was, based on scheduled locations, eliminating confusion with your customers.

Our satellite devices have built-in batteries, that can last up to several years, depending on how often you configure your locate pings to send. The device features user-replaceable standard batteries.