iTecknologi is a diversified conglomerate that is securing its place in the market by providing best tracking services in Pakistan. iTecknologi primarily focuses on IoT (Internet of things), DOT (Data on things), as well as providing best fleet management in Pakistan. Moreover, satellite/vehicle tracking, GIS & Mapping and logistics are also our primary focus.

About Our Group

Over 700 Group Employees
Presence in 6 countries

Itecknologi Group is an innovation driven business group focuses on bringing leading technologies to rapidly developing customer base in Pakistan.

The group consists of 6 member companies operating in six countries – USA, UAE, South Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. These companies are interconnected and create an entity managed as a single unit through divisional organization system.

Member companies of Group are: itecknologi Private Limited, The Coder Pakistan Private Limited, itecknologi Logistics Private Limited, NorthStar Navigation Private Limited, and The NewYork Pizza.

Since its creation, itecknologi Group has been able to constantly grow and diversify its activities and to be a leader in the region in the field of IoT, Asset Tracking and DOT(Data on Things).

Presently, the member companies of itecknnologi Group count more than 700 employees. Group companies have hundreds of business partners and clients within their respective domains.

One of the most experienced and rapidly growing IoT, Vehicle/Satellite Tracking, and fleet management solutions provider. It also specializes in tailor-made software solutions related to education and health.

Providing state-of-the-art GIS solutions specializes in producing traffic, navigation and mapping products.

Providing fourth-generation of the industrial technology applicable to diverse business fields using invisible and inaudible digital technology (smart image, smart sound, smart security, smart web).

An expert in cross-border and in-country logistics solutions.

The fastest growing and Complete Fleet Management Solution and rent-a-car solution provider in Pakistan

Hum Network Limited (simply HNL or HUMNL) formerly Eye Television Network Limited is a public limited media company based in Karachi, Pakistan. Company was established in February 2004.[1] It is a current member of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (APBU), Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) and Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA).

HNL was established in February 2004 with the name of Eye TV Limited which was later changed to Eye Television Network Limited on November 18, 2004. Present name was changed on January 21, 2011.

"Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation".
Dean Kamen