Being a Best IOT company in Pakistan, Itecknologi strives to keep up with global digital trends and provides its customers with innovative solutions.

Best IoT Company in Pakistan

21st century is the century of connectivity. The Internet has taken the world by storm, and literally everything -from a cell phone to baby monitors to smart homes- is inter-connected. That is the reason the Internet of things (IoT) is talk of the town for decades now.

Did you know that the IoT devices industry is expected to reach 1.1 trillion dollars by 2026? Businesses all over the world are taking a keen interest in IoT because of the maximum efficiency and increased productivity offered by IoT devices.

In Pakistan also, we see rapid development in the field of IoT, which is a pleasant change. Being a Best IOT company in Pakistan, Itecknologi strives to keep up with global digital trends and provides its customers with innovative solutions.

Itecknologi - Building the smarter world

At itecknologi, we put in our maximum efforts to come up with a unique solution that can help businesses:

  • By assisting them in unleashing their full potential
  • By maximizing efficiency while covering all the loopholes in the system
  • By quickly scrutinizing the manufacturing process for any failure
  • By collecting data from different sources
  • By analyzing data and help people make better decisions
  • By providing improved transportation services i.e., better route selection, enhanced driver behavior, etc.

IoT enabled industries

In Pakistan, more and more companies are focusing on IoT and smart appliances to make things easier for people. In industrial IoT, itecknologi is setting examples by providing automated services to businesses all over Pakistan to help them generate revenue and lessen the operational costs.


Itecknologi has earned its name in the transportation market by providing the best tracking services throughout the country. As the best IOT Company in Pakistan, we aim to equip the transportation sector in Pakistan with smart IoT devices that can change the way you monitor your fleet.

Our latest tracking sensors provide useful data based on which a company can keep track of cars, trucks, ships, and cargo vehicles that carry valuable equipment or raw material. In case of bad weather or road blockage, you can reroute the fleet, thus saving time and resources.

Furthermore, enhanced driver behavior increases customer satisfaction and productivity ratio altogether. Smart tracking devices ensure asset safety as the employer is aware of their movement all the time.

Companies with vehicles on the move all the time can make great use of IoT based applications as the our latest sensors detect any kind of failure or mechanical problems ahead of time and alert the driver about it along with recommendations.

These recommendations help the driver because he can make timely decisions and prevent any drastic loss by taking preventive measures hence cutting back on repairing costs.


Itecknologi's Hospital Information System (HIS) is an integrated system that focuses on providing top of the line administrative, financial, legal, and medical services to help hospitals run smoothly and provide the best medical care.

The comprehensive health management system by itecknologi is a great tool to keep record of the patient's history, thus enabling the hospital to provide the best medical care. Moreover, smart administration system removes any transcription errors and minimizes the consequences that can be fatal because of such errors.

Apart from that, the itecknologi hospital management system also assists hospitals in keeping a better record of their financial reports, critical documents, personal data, and medicinal stock inventory. By streamlining and digitizing this process, a healthcare institute can efficiently serve the patients and operate smoothly.

Education management

By incorporating IoT in the education process, educational institutes across the globe are focusing on smart learning because of its far-reaching benefits on the overall education process. In recent years, technology has been used to make the learning process all the more effective.

Our highly innovative EMS (education management system) enables the educational institutes to fully utilize their resources and make the learning process more fun. Schools can schedule various activities such as creating time tables, scheduling extra-curricular activities, fee payment, student attendance, etc.

Moreover, the examination system can become more streamlined and less hectic. The customized grading system can be created, which will help teachers analyze the development process in curricular as well as extra-curricular activities.

itecknologi's EMS also provides web based interface to parents and teachers through which they can communicate with each other and keep on top of educational activities.

Safety above all

Safety is of paramount importance, especially in areas where gas or chemical leakage can occur. itecknologi's IOT based sensor applications can alert the company in case of oil spills and gas leakage so they can take preventive measures to repair the leak.

Apart from that, with IoT based applications, workers on the site can be notified of hazardous chemical leakage so they may vacant the site and rush to safety on time.